1. Please log in with your registration account with ICAS2021 (if no account, please register on www.icas2020.com and make payment).
2. all delegates should join via Livestreaming portal but session chairs and presenters of the ongoing sessions.(Session Chairs and report authors need to download the zoom meeting software after clicking on the zoom meeting room) .
3. Chairs and presenters of the next session should enter ZOOM 10 minutes before the start time to get ready. Chairs should check if the presenters are there and if the videos are available through asking the volunteers in Shanghai who is also in the ZOOM room.
4. Please note that one account is only for one device. Sharing of the account and multiple-log-ins will result failure.
5. If you have login problems, please go to https://icas2020.mcimeetings.com/ Select fotget password to reset the password.

1. 请使用您在该网站的注册账户与密码登录(如果您还没有账户,请注册并缴费后参会)。
2. 所有代表通过直播平台收看大会报告。仅当前小组交流的主持人和论文报告人进ZOOM会议室。(小组交流的主持人和论文报告人需在点击zoom会议室后下载zoom会议软件)。
3. 主持人和论文报告人应在自己所在场次交流开始前10分钟入场等待。例如09:00-10:30的分组交流,应在08:50进入ZOOM会议室等候。主持人应负责检查本组交流人员是否全部到位,通过询问上海本地志愿者(该人员也在此会议室内)确认视频是否已经准备到位。
4. 一个账户仅供一台设备使用。多人/多台设备登录会导致账号失败。
5. 如出现登陆问题,请进入https://icas2020.mcimeetings.com/选择fotget password重置密码。